Selinsgrove Veterinary Hospital

Selinsgrove Veterinary Hospital is a well-established veterinary care facility that provides a wide range of services. Including: comprehensive annual wellness programs, advanced and routine surgical and dental procedures, cardiology, and nutraceutical therapies, ultrasound and diagnostics, the latest and safest anesthetics and delivery systems, and an in-house diagnostic laboratory. Our facility includes an in-hospital surgical facility, in-house x-ray capabilities, and a closely supervised hospitalization ward.

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Pet Grooming Services


Give your pet the treatment it deserves, without spending a fortune. Our groomer has over 25 years experience and is a trained specialist who will take time in caring for your best friend.

Puppy Shots and Checkups

Looking To Rescue

There are so many pets in need of rescue. If you are looking for a wonderful pet to adopt check out these organizations.

Veterinary Dental Exam and Care

Dental Services

Dental services including routine prophylaxis (cleanings), gingival (gum) surgery, and tooth extractions (exodontia)