Veterinary Services

Selinsgrove Veterinary Hospital is a well-established veterinary care facilities that provides a wide range of services. Including: comprehensive annual wellness programs, advanced and routine surgical and dental procedures, cardiology, and nutraceutical therapies, ultrasound and diagnostics, the latest and safest anesthetics and delivery systems, and an in-house diagnostic laboratory. Our facility includes an in-hospital surgical facility, in-house x-ray capabilities, and a closely supervised hospitalization ward.

We also have professional grooming services.

Below is a more detailed list of what we offer:

  • Comprehensive annual wellness programs including examinations, immunizations, nutritional and behavioral counseling, and laboratory testing as needed
  • Canine, feline, avian, pocket pet, rabbit & exotic pet care
  • Diagnostic ultrasound and echocardiography services by Dr. Szczepkowski and experienced ultrasonographer allows for in-depth diagnostics of heart diseases and diseases of the abdominal organs and enhances a non-surgical method for biopsies of certain organs and conditions
  • Well-equipped in-house diagnostic laboratory including hematology, serum chemistries, and parasitology
  • Comprehensive surgical services including routine spays and neuters, oncologic (cancer) surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery, ophthalmic (eye) surgery, dental and oral surgery, orthopedic surgery, genitourinary surgery and a wide range of other procedures
  • Medical services include comprehensive diagnostics, cardiology, x-ray studies, cancer (surgical removal, nutritional support and radiotherapy referrals arranged), geriatric life-stage management, pain management and other pertinent support services
  • Dental services including routine prophylaxis (cleanings), gingival (gum) surgery, and tooth extractions (exodontia)
  • Pet food supplies and premium nutrition products available, including Science Diet®, Hill’s Prescription Diets®, and Eukanuba® (at reasonable prices)
  • Flea control and other parasite control agents such as ADVANTAGE™, TOP SPOT™, FRONTLINE™ (at reasonable prices)
Selinsgrove-Vet-Hospital Spay and Neuter Clinic