Pets age faster than people and major health changes can occur in a short amount of time. We consider our “senior patients” to be 6 years and older and recommend that they have preventative examinations twice per year. This gives us a chance to detect health problems as early as possible. Our pets are susceptible to some of the same ailments that we see humans facing around us, such as diabetes, dental disease, kidney and liver issues, intestinal disorders, cancer, etc. Read more

DVM360’s article on “5 Strange Facts About Parasites“.

Here are some of the articles highlights (view the full article by clicking on the link above).

  • Indoor cats can get worms
  • Your dog can’t give you pinworms
  • Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there
  • Pet’s don’t carry bedbugs or lice
  • Roaches aside from being creepy are carriers of worms